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What can the All Blacks' winning formula teach businesses?

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

We may not like to admit it, but sometimes there are lessons we can learn from our neighbours across the ditch.

The sting has (slightly) gone out of the Wallabies’ Bledisloe Cup loss – heartbreakingly close though it was – so we think it’s probably safe to raise the point that there are things to be taken from the All Blacks’ winning formula that also translate to business.

Having won more than three-quarters of the matches they’ve ever played, the All Blacks are the most successful sports side in international sporting history. They have a better winning ratio than Brazil in soccer or Australia in cricket.

As well as a constant ability to push harder, the All Blacks demonstrate superior teamwork, innovation and performance under pressure – all qualities that extend far beyond the realm of sport.

Two heads are better than one

In business, teamwork is vital.

Being able to bounce ideas of one another, trade skills, and get honest feedback from the people who best understand your goals are the best ways to improve your performance.

Working with other people can also benefit your mindset. A good team is like a cheerleading squad; they’re the ones who can boost you up when things aren’t at their best.

Thinking ahead

The same formula doesn’t always work, so being creative and innovating effectively is essential. 

Innovation has certainly allowed the All Blacks to stay ahead of the curve.

Whether it’s getting their heads around new rugby rules, or trying out new tactics, the team’s constant quest for improvement and optimisation keeps them ahead of the pack.

This is undoubtedly an approach that will help you succeed in business. Yes, you need to focus on the task/s at hand, but you also need to have an overarching game plan that forces you to think long term, and think about what can be better.

Rather than resting on success, reset your goals, aim higher and find ways to get there.

Performing under pressure

Last Saturday, the All Blacks secured the Bledisloe Cup yet again (we’ll stop talking about it in about three paragraphs!) – but it came down to one converted try in the 79th minute.

While the Wallabies also held their collective nerve on this occasion, the All Blacks trademark ability to perform under pressure is definitely something that business people everywhere can apply to their own working lives.

It may not have been a textbook performance by the All Blacks on Saturday night (at least in part due to the Wallabies’ valiant efforts), but the Kiwis did demonstrate that keeping a cool head when things aren’t going smoothly can stop you from making fatal mistakes.

Rather than reacting rashly and acting out of desperation, the All Blacks showed that a winning strategy involves calmly assessing the situation, drawing on your training, having faith in your skills and in your team members and always bringing you’re A game!

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