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TED Talk on busting the charity overhead myth

In this powerful TED Talk from 2014, Australian businesswoman Juanita Wheeler discussed the notion of the “overhead myth”, which surrounds the way charities operate.

Juanita says that, just like commercial, for-profit organisations, charities need to invest in overheads – rent, good staff, and marketing – to achieve their goals and deliver their programs.

She said: “We accept, without question that for-profits are going to spend money on rent, on lights on staff, as absolutely essential parts of achieving their organisation’s objectives...

“But the second we talk about non-profit organisations, we throw all of that real-world logic out the window…”

It’s a thought-provoking and intelligent presentation and worth watching.

In a past life, Juanita Wheeler, Founder and Managing Director of Full & Frank, worked as a director in a large multinational corporation and now uses her past knowledge and experience to help non-profit organisations thrive.

Watch Juanita Wheeler’s TED Talk.

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