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Swimming champion demonstrates how to bounce back from defeat

Emily Seebohm has finally broken Australia’s drought, winning the country’s first gold medal at the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest. Appco Australia believes her win is a lesson for anyone striving to succeed in or out of the pool. 

After a disappointing result at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Seebohm came close to giving up on the sport. Today the 25-year-old is thankful she didn’t, and said: “If I had won or lost tonight I would have been so proud of my performances and what I have overcome.”

So, what can any professional take away from this gold-medal swimmer’s success? Reflecting on errors made can help you to make better decisions and improve your strategy for next time. And that’s exactly how Seebohm swam her way to success in Budapest. After her defeat in Rio, she used her time to refocus and clarify her goals. It’s this process that motivated her to continue working towards ultimate success and is something we can all work towards.

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