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Q&A: Appco Australia staff share career advice with their younger selves

Even the most successful leaders and celebs had to start somewhere in their careers – Meghan Markle is a great example. Long before she was an actress in Suits and the Duchess of Sussex, she was a professional calligrapher!

Early experiences in your career can help shape your future – it’s all about making the most from an opportunity and challenging yourself to learn new skills so you can ultimately fulfil your dreams. 

This got us thinking about our own career paths and all the things that we’ve learnt along the way, so, we asked some of the Appco Australia crew: “What career advice would you give to your younger self?

Greig Ward, Learning and Development Manager:

“Network more with other professionals and chase opportunities that will benefit your career – don’t wait for them to come along!” 

Michelle Thomas, General Manager:

“Every situation you encounter, every person you meet and every place you go is a new lesson and memory – learn from your experiences and remember them because they might come in handy later down the track. Don’t forget to always enjoy the ride!”

Demetrius Adgemis, Head of Business Support:

“Be open to change, take opportunities when you can, work hard, learn from your mistakes, treat everyone, whoever they are, with respect and stay humble – character matters.”

Danielle Orlando, Client Account Manager:

“Don’t over-think things – be aware of your natural talents and the things you like to do and then just go for it. Be open-minded about new opportunities and experiences and don’t be afraid to make a mistake.”

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