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Q&A: Appco Australia staff reveal their coffee habits

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

In celebration of International Coffee Day, we did a quick poll at the Appco Australia office and asked some of the team: “How many coffees do you drink a day and what’s your poison?” Looking at these answers, we have some serious coffee lovers in the office.

Spiro, Commercial Director:

“I love coffee – I’m addicted and need a minimum of six piccolo shots a day.”

Carley, Customer Service Representative:

“I have one a day… I’m pretty fussy about coffee and I hate instant. My morning coffee is an Arabic style coffee made by my husband. He uses fresh coffee beans and heats the milk on the stove top.”

Sujit, Development Manager:

“I drink about two a day and enjoy a flat white with four sugars – I’m pretty sweet!”

Danielle, Senior Campaign Administrator:

“I’m a big coffee drinker – I have about five a day and like to mix up my choices – it’s either a long black or a flat white.”

Jimi, Operations Manager:

“I have my own barista machine at home and drink about five or six a day. I mix it with either a double shot cappuccino or a long black. I enjoy coffee so much I even have one before going to sleep… I’ve never lived without coffee.”

Rita, Customer Service Representative:

“I have two a day – it must be on soy milk, no sugar, and a medium size cup. Sometimes I like to have a mocha to mix things up.”

Aish, System Developer, Sean, Accounts Assistant, Laks, System Developer, and Sean, Accounts Manager:

Flat whites and cappuccinos are popular beverage choices with these employees. They all prefer to have a minimum of two a day to ensure they get their caffeine fix.

At Appco Australia, we help develop our clients’ brands and causes through personalised marketing and fundraising campaigns. It’s something that we have been doing for over 20 years. If you would like to learn more about Appco Australia watch our latest video, or check out our Facebook page.

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