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Professional sales contractor helps save a man’s life

Sales contractor Holley has been hailed a hero after she helped save a man’s life while representing Appco Australia’s client’s brand.

Holley was door knocking in East Bendigo, Victoria where she was discussing the brand she represented with residents in the community.

After approaching a home, an elderly woman answered the door – she appeared to be very distressed and told Holley that she thought her husband was having a stroke.

“I asked the woman if she had phoned 000 – she had not, so I immediately called for an ambulance, says Holley.

“While on the phone, the emergency services operator instructed me on how to help the man who was unconscious on the floor. With the help of the man’s wife we performed CPR until ambulance officers arrived.”

Paramedics praised Holley for quickly acting in this situation, which helped stabilise the man’s condition until they arrived.

“I never expected to be faced with an emergency while door knocking. I am just glad I was able to help – it was the right thing to do and I feel like I have made a difference,” Holley said.

Holley has been an independent contractor since April 2018. She says this experience has motivated her to enrol in a first aid training course, so she can improve her knowledge and help others in the community should she need to.

For 30 years, Appco Australia has been working with its clients to help them grow their customer and donor bases. If you would like to learn more about Appco Australia watch our video that explains what we do, or check out our Facebook page.

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