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MEDIA RELEASE: Fair Work Ombudsman 2016 ruling does not involve Appco Australia

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) letter mentioned on the ABC’s 730 Report last night reiterates a ruling made in April 2016. It is not a more recent or new ruling, it does not involve Appco Group Australia, nor does it make any findings against Appco Group Australia.

This fact was FWO confirmed in writing to Appco Group Australia on 5 May last year, in the following terms:

“I can confirm for you that there is no ongoing or current investigation in relation to Appco Group Australia (AGA) and Appco Group Sports (AGS).

“The enquiries made with these entities were to assist with an investigation that was being conducted into Quintessential Marketing Group.

“That investigation was formally completed on 04 April 2016.” 

The FWO’s findings in this case are consistent with the fact that Appco Australia does not employ or directly contract independent contractors.

Appco Australia stipulates in its contracts with all independent marketing companies that they must comply with all legal obligations around the engagement of independent contractors.

Appco Australia investigates any allegations of non-compliance and takes appropriate action when breaches occur.

Class action

Appco Group Australia is vigorously defending the “sham contracting” allegations that form the basis of the class action initiated by Canberra law firm Chamberlains.

There has never been an adverse finding against Appco Australia by the Fair Work Ombudsman, the Fair Work Commission or any other court or regulator.

The statement of claim in the class action does not make any allegations of bullying and harassment, despite several months of a bullying-based media campaign designed to attract publicity for the case.

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