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Food for thought: the economics of charity

Humanitarian and expert on the non-profit sector, Dan Pallotta, explains the inconsistencies between charity and for-profit businesses – and how we should change the way we think about giving.

In his iconic TED Talk video, Dan Pallotta explains the difference between the business sectors in coexistence in today’s global society.

Tackling some of the big issues associated with fundraising and working in the sector, he analyses why monetising philanthropy is a bad idea, and highlights the “broken relationship” western societies traditionally have towards these types of businesses.

Dan calls out the double standards most of us have toward non-profit and for-profit businesses, and calls to level the playing field by rewarding charities’ accomplishments rather than how much they are trying to save.

The bold talk puts forward the idea that we truly can start changing the world in a big way, if we just change the way we look at the sector that is actively working to better it.

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