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Unconventional career paths: 3 Appco Australia staff discuss

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

There are definitely cases where specific skills are required for certain jobs, but it’s also true that some skills stretch across a range of roles and industries.

We recently wrote about the weird and wonderful career paths of celebrities, and it got us interested in what sort of jobs our own Appco Australia staff have had before joining the company.

Whether it was serving at a fruit and veg shop, shampooing at a hair salon, or fixing cars in chop shops, the Appco Australia team definitely has a number of strings to its bow.

Here are a few examples of the unexpected places our employees have picked up skills that help them in their day-to-day jobs.

Ashley Mullen, Customer Service Representative

Before becoming a customer-service superstar, Ashley was using what might seem like quite a different set of skills at the basin of a hairdressing salon.

But while that might not seem like the best training ground for her current role, Ashley says many of the skills she developed while washing hair have been transferable.

“Being in such a small, fast-paced environment with 10 other people definitely teaches you the value of team work. I also learnt how to pick my battles, and to take pride in everything I do. Every client that walks out the door represents you and the skills you’ve worked so hard to perfect. And that’s definitely a mindset I’ve brought to my current role.”

Jimi Khan, Operations Manager

Having previously managed a call centre, and worked in telesales and marketing, Jimi obviously has some serious sales credentials.

However, he also has a bunch of skills from working in chop shops that he says are a big part of his ability to keep a productive and profitable work-flow across all of Appco Australia’s departments.

As well as picking up awards in automotive design and innovation, Jimi says he has gained skills including process mapping, problem solving, and improvisation – all vital for keeping Appco Australia’s marketing campaigns running like clockwork for our clients.

Ella Clarke, Receptionist

Ella only recently joined us here at Appco Australia, but she already had administration skills from working in a similar role at a medical centre.

However, before hitting the reception desks, Ella worked in the retail sector. While living in Toowoomba she worked at a fruit and veg shop and a deli, before moving to Sydney, where she was an online customer service assistant for David Jones.

She says her previous roles helped develop skills that she constantly finds useful – in particular the ability to multi-task, interact with a range of different people with different needs and solve their problems for them. At Appco Australia, that could be anything from making sure visitors get the best-possible first impression of our business to juggling diaries, deliveries and many different meeting rooms and agendas.

We think the lesson here is that sometimes the opportunities for career development may not be immediately obvious. But, if we’re prepared to be flexible, give everything a go and use every experience as a learning opportunity, there’s no telling what doors your current role could eventually fling open. 

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