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Turn your next big idea into reality: a masterclass from Elon Musk

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

At Appco Australia, we love it when others succeed and we believe the best business and career ideas stem from passion. In light of Tesla recently winning the South Australian energy storage project (with a bold proposition), we’ve used Elon Musk’s motto of “when something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour” as inspiration for our tips for getting lift-off when your next eureka moment strikes.

Define your goals and go for it

Believing in yourself and having the confidence to back your own ideas is a key characteristic of successful people, and something Elon has mastered. His mission is for Tesla to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy – and he is making this mission a reality in Australia. He recently acquired a tender, granted by the South Australian Government, to deliver what Musk says is the “world’s biggest” lithium ion battery project. When completed, the battery will store129-megawatt hours (MWh) of energy, helping to solve the state’s power issues in a sustainable way.

Commitment is key

Committing wholeheartedly to your idea is imperative. Before the tender process began in South Australia, Musk staked his credibility on Twitter, announcing that Tesla can build the energy storage project within 100 days — or it would be delivered for free. Musk’s announcement went viral, with many still doubting his ability to deliver an enormous task in such little time. He made good on his promise when the contract was announced, saying: “We actually insisted when doing the contract that we be held to the 100 days or it’s free. That’s what we said publicly, that’s what we’re going to do.”

Challenge the status quo

Musk proves that no matter how outrageous or “crazy” an idea may seem, having a strong sense of purpose and passion is crucial for transforming it into reality. When he launched SpaceX to build rocket ships, many of his closest friends and family were against his idea, saying it was a sure way to lose money. In true Musk style, the entrepreneur remained focussed on his dream. Ten years on, SpaceX has applied more innovation to space travel than Russia, China, and the USA put together and is now NASA’s largest contractor, with around $5 billion in space-travel contracts.

Believing in yourself and your idea is the first step to turning your vision into reality. If you’re seriously considering launching an idea, you will need to be committed to your new venture to see it through and overcome the inevitable obstacles you’ll face along the way. Looking to other likeminded entrepreneurs such as Musk is a great way to get inspiration and keep you motivated.

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