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Top 8 Aussie inventions that have impacted the world

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Australia is called the land of opportunity for good reason – not only do we have beautiful landscapes, enviable weather and ionic wildlife, Aussies have also created some of the world’s best inventions – here are just some of them.


Australian scientist John O’Sullivan and the CSIRO stumbled across this now-essential technology in 1992 when researching radio astronomy.

2. Black box flight recorder

In 1958 Australian research scientist, David Warren invented the Black Box after he was involved in an accident investigation of the world’s first jet-powered commercial aircraft. The Black Box records flight details and voices of pilots, should something go wrong when flying.


3. Google Maps

If you’re anything like Appco Australia employee Kurtis, then getting lost really is a thing of the past thanks to this innovation. Danish-Australian brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen invented a mapping program in 2003 from their tech company in Sydney. A year later Google Inc. acquired the company and turned their program into a web-based application – Google Maps.

4. Plastic banknotes

If you’ve ever forgotten to remove a paper note from your jeans pocket before washing, then you’re probably glad this invention came about. In 1968 the Reserve Bank of Australia was looking for ways to secure currency against forgery and worked with the CSIRO on a scientific solution. The answer: a see-through panel and hologram embedded in a plastic banknote.

5. The refrigerator

Next time you open the fridge looking for a cold drink, think about Scottish-Aussie inventor and journalist James Harrison. In 1856, he designed and built the world’s first mechanical ice-making machine in Geelong, Victoria.

6. Aerogard

It’s a necessity at every Aussie BBQ and something we can thank Aussie scientist, Doug Waterhouse. He, along with the CSIRO, invented an insect repellent to protect allied troops from mosquitoes in WWII. Years later, Australian company, Mortein branded the formula and made it commercially available (with the inventors’ permission, of course).

7. Cochlear implant (bionic ear)

Professor Graeme Clark at Melbourne’s Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital has changed the lives of millions of people with hearing problems worldwide. He invented the cochlear ear implant (bionic ear) in 1979.

8. The Victa lawnmower

Mervyn Victor Richardson from Sydney was tired of cutting his lawns, so he decided to do something about it. Result: he invented the motorised lawnmower we know today as the iconic Victa. 

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