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Tips to help communicate your company vision

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

So, you have a great business idea with huge potential – you just need to inspire others to believe in (or buy into) your vision. Success in business is more than just a great idea and there’s no magic trick to getting your brand recognised. It’s about having a great product and, just as importantly, communicating it so that others believe in it and in your passion.

For almost 30 years, Appco Australia has helped its clients build their brands and causes through conversation, so we know a thing or two about informing and motivating people with powerful messages.

Here are some of our pointers to help you inspire your customers to believe in your vision and join you on your businesses journey.

Enthuse, don’t just inform

Understanding the power of communication is one skill you will need to master so you can express your vision clearly and concisely to your audience. But you don’t just want to inform them – you need to enthuse them too.  

Think about other successful entrepreneurs and their ability to generate excitement about new products or services. We think the late Steve Jobs is a great example – the Apple co-founder had the ability to effectively convey his passion for the products he was promoting with sheer enthusiasm. When he hosted an Apple product launch it was more than just a business event – it was a hotly anticipated show where he mesmerized his audience, generating excitement about his brand.

This is something Appco Australia puts into practice every day for our clients. We believe that getting the facts across is crucial, but it’s equally important to motivate and connect with our clients’ potential customers and donors.

Understand your audience 

It’s very unlikely that you speak to your colleagues in the same way you speak to your partner, friends or family. That’s because you’re instinctively altering your tone, content and delivery based on your audience. But often, we forget these instincts when delivering business messages.

To inspire people to believe in your vision, you first need to understand who exactly you’re trying to attract. Is it business executives, millennials or single parents? Pinpoint your target audience/s, being as precise as possible and then identify the language and tone that’s going to best convey your vision your ‘ideal’ groups.

It’s worth remembering that, for any audience, it’s best to avoid jargon and be as clear and concise as possible. This will help ensure that the strength of your message shines through and isn’t lost in translation.

Actions speak louder than words

Whether you’re giving a great speech or creating a powerful mission statement, getting your vision ‘out there’ is crucial. Your words need to have an impact on your audience – but don’t just say them – demonstrate their true meaning.

If you’re seen saying one thing and doing another, your message could rapidly lose impact and authenticity. In contrast, if your colleagues, contractors, support network, investors, and customers can see that you really mean what you say, they’re much more likely to be inspired by your vision.

Consistency is key, so make sure that everyone who represents your brand understands your message, has a connection to it and is able to convey it.

To learn more about Appco Australia watch our latest video which explains what we do, or check out our Facebook page.

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