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Robots vs humans: why direct marketing will survive in the automation age

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

In 20 years, can you imagine what new jobs will be created or guess the ones which won’t exist? It’s hard to predict the future, yet there’s existing research which states, artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact the jobs we know today, including some sales and marketing roles.

At Appco Australia, we incorporate direct or face-to-face marketing into the campaigns we create for our clients’ brands and causes. This research got us thinking about the future of direct marketing and why we think it will survive and flourish in an automation age.

It’s all about people

Automation has a long history and isn’t a new concept – just think about the jobs that used to be, like telephone operators, toll collectors and a host of different factory workers. Today, automation uses sophisticated and intelligent computers and robotic devices, programmed to carry out tasks more efficiently and accurately. Appco Australia welcomes these advances in technology, but at the same time has kept direct marketing as a core part of our business.

For more than 20 years, direct marketing has and continues to be a core part of the Appco Australia business. At the heart of direct marketing are the people who represent our clients’ causes and brands. They give a brand visibility and life by engaging with potential customers through informative and meaningful conversations. This style of marketing is invaluable, especially if there’s a complicated message to convey – something a robot would struggle to master.

Building trust and confidence

Unlike a robot, direct marketing conversations are personalised to suit the individual. It’s a great way for a brand to discuss in detail the features and benefits of their product/service with potential customers. Potential customers are given the opportunity to ask questions, assisting them to make a more informed decision about whether the product is right for them, which in-turn helps to develop trust and confidence in the brand.

Unique insights from inexpensive technology

We know direct marketing is a reliable and effective way to gain valuable insights into the target audiences of our clients’ brands. Each interaction with a potential customer provides an opportunity to collect valuable data, such as preferences for products and services, responses to specific branding or marketing campaigns, and any issues or concerns they may have. 

Data gathered from in-person conversations is given to the client, providing them with the opportunity to improve everything from the product or service itself to their branding and pricing. In turn, this can have a hugely positive impact on businesses’ sales levels and long-term success.

At Appco Australia, we welcome automation, as it enables us to deliver our services more effectively. We integrate technology into the campaigns we create for our clients’ causes and brands and within our own business operations. Although automation will continue to change the workforce as we know it, we believe that having an authentic conversation will always have a place in business and direct marketing.

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