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Melbourne Cup Day: winning tips to promote business longevity

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

It’s with good reason that Melbourne Cup Day is known as ‘the race that stops the nation’. For 156 years, this world-famous event has captured Aussies’ attention, wherever they are, for a few minutes on the first Tuesday of November to witness the winning horse cross the finish line.

This got us thinking at Appco Australia about longevity and brand engagement and what the business world can learn from the marketing successes of Australia’s most popular sporting event.

We think longevity in any company or charity is about strategy and an effective marketing plan that creates awareness and brings life to the products or services on offer. This is something we’ve been helping our clients achieve for over 30 years. So, in honour of the Melbourne Cup’s evergreen appeal, here are 3 winning tips to help your business survive the test of time.

1.   Focus and listen

A key factor to achieving longevity is creating customer loyalty – they’re your biggest asset. You want to ensure that your customers’ experiences with your business are a positive one and one way to do this is to focus on their needs and make every effort to exceed their expectations. Listen to the feedback you receive from your customers (via social media, emails, phone calls, etc.) and tailor your marketing – and your product or service itself – accordingly. Appco Australia provides a number of services, as part of the marketing campaigns we conduct for our clients, to help them do this. From our quality assurance department and client account managers to our call centre team, we ensure that our clients and their customers experiences are of a consistently high-quality

2.   Adapt to change

Successful business leaders pay attention and adapt to change quickly – whether it’s evolving technology, or changes in the market, you need to ensure your company stays ahead of the competition. At Appco Australia, we consider ourselves to be a tech-savvy bunch and welcome innovation that allows us to deliver our services more efficiently. We do this by integrating technology into the campaigns we create for our clients and within our own business operations. 

3.   Have a clear vision and communicate it passionately

Establishing purpose with defined goals and objectives is critical to achieving business longevity. This will shape your company vision and provide clarity and direction to assist in confident decision making for the long-term. A clear vision will also help inspire stakeholders to support your ideas. This is something Appco Australia puts into practice every day for our clients’ face-to-face marketing campaigns. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to understanding our clients’ brands and causes so that we can communicate their vision to potential customers and donors.

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