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Is direct marketing part of your strategy in 2018?

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

You want to get the most from the marketing activities your business has invested in and, as the year comes to an end, now’s the perfect time to review how your plan has worked and adapt it for a fresh start in 2018.

Appco Australia knows a thing or two about creating brand awareness – we’ve been delivering face-to-face marketing campaigns for businesses and charities for over 30 years. We know that having a well-planned strategy that includes a mix of methods and channels to deliver your message is a wise approach. And not surprisingly, we think direct marketing can be a valuable ingredient in that mix. It can boost awareness of and personal connections with your brand, is highly measurable and provides valuable insights into your customer base.

Here we discuss what we think are some of the key benefits of direct marketing.

Tailored messages

Don’t underestimate the power of conversation – direct marketing is the perfect opportunity for businesses to bring a brand to life using tailored messages for each potential customer. Face-to-face brand representatives are equipped with a great deal of information about the products and services they’re promoting, and they spend time with each of your customers, allowing them to ask questions and develop a more personal connection with your brand than many other marketing methods can achieve.

Highly measurable results

When it comes to your marketing plan, return on investment is one crucial factor that will determine the success of any campaign. Appco Australia offers a performance-based payment model, which means businesses only pay for the customers acquired.  Face-to-face sales is also highly measurable because each individual conversation can be measured in terms of customer reaction and longevity, giving your business a clearer picture of this marketing strategy is working for you.

Valuable insights 

Not only is direct marketing a powerful way to promote brand awareness, another standout benefit for businesses is the ability to gain valuable insights into your target audience. The one-to-one interactions are an opportunity to better understand your customers through quantitative and qualitative feedback. Sales can be analysed so you know more about customer demographics, purchasing habits, preferences for particular products and services, while people’s immediate responses can help you identify the positives of your product and marketing approach, and any issues or areas for improvement.  

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