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How does Appco Australia boost health and wellbeing at work?

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

At Appco Australia, we recognise that health and wellbeing is not only important for our people, but also for our business – it improves productivity, business performance, staff morale and employee engagement. But we’re not about to suggest eating only salad and hours in the gym. Read on as we share our tried-and-tested tips for creating a healthy workplace.

Focus on prevention

We all know that prevention is better than cure and it starts with healthy eating. We provide fresh fruit for our staff each week to help ensure they get their ‘5 a day’. It also helps (sort of) to deter people from attacking the vending machine when hunger strikes at 3pm.

Pets in the workplace

Our office is dog-friendly (we don’t have anything against cats or other pets, dogs just seem to be our thing). We’ve found that the occasional four-legged visitor boosts our happy vibes, which improves productivity as well as general wellbeing.

Bring people together

Social and business events are great for bringing everyone together, which helps improve staff morale, employee engagement, and communication – all key elements to a healthy office. Our social committee hosts regular events for staff and our senior managers hold breakfast sessions with small groups of employees. These sessions are an opportunity for staff to get to know each other better, discuss business, share ideas and ask questions over a coffee.

Health starts at home

Having a healthy lifestyle begins outside of the workplace and our in-house yoga guru Michelle puts this into perspective for us. She often reminds us to swap our business shoes with joggers and head outside for a lunchtime walk. 

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