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Before they were famous: what celebs’ past jobs can teach us about career development

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Recently (in a tweet to Donald Trump, no less), George Clooney referred to his first job as an insurance salesman. It got us thinking about the different and interesting paths people take to get to where they are today, and how important it is to allow people to explore their talents and options.

After all, George may well have honed his dulcet delivery while selling insurance (and ladies’ shoes)! And perhaps, Victoria Beckham decided a life in the spotlight was for her long before the Spice Girls when she played the part of a roller-skating sperm in an educational video. Yes, really.

Johnny Depp was a telemarketer for ballpoint pens, Whoopi Goldberg was a morgue beautician, and Danny de Vito was a hairdresser. Our own Hugh Jackman certainly paid his dues – he was once a party clown charging $50 a show.

The important lesson to take from this is that everyone starts somewhere, and that making the most of development opportunities is the key to acquiring new skills, challenging yourself and, ultimately, fulfilling your dreams.

Supporting career and skills development

Appco Australia believes in supporting people to grow, define their careers and seize new opportunities. We’re proud that many of our employees have done just that, studying for new qualifications and even becoming successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

Whether it’s hosting networking opportunities to help people develop professional connections, or setting up mentorship programs to offer those who are new to the industry the chance to learn from the best, Appco Australia aims to give people the tools to succeed.

Earlier this month, the company hosted a range of workshops designed to enhance employees’ skills in areas including leadership, emotional intelligence, coaching and development, presentation skills, effective communication, and task and time management.

For businesses, ensuring employees have the chance to grow is a win-win situation; it doesn’t just give employees a reason to stay with the company, it’s also a way to ensure that every member of team is operating the best they can.

And whether that produces the next George Clooney or Victoria Beckham, or ‘just’ a happier, more well-rounded team, Appco Australia firmly believes it’s an investment worth making.

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