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Appco staff reveal how they balance entrepreneur life and their day jobs

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting a side-business, you’re not alone – more and more Aussies are running their own gigs while also holding down day jobs.

At Appco Australia, we believe in supporting employees’ professional and personal development. So when these three employees started their own side businesses, we were right behind them. We managed to find five minutes with them to discover how they balance their day jobs and entrepreneur life.

Michelle, Operations Manager  

By day, Michelle leads the operations team at Appco Australia, ensuring our clients’ campaigns run smoothly and on time. She’s oversees all the administrative activities, from coordinating venues to processing and reconciling daily sales.

Michelle loves her fast-paced role, but she also has another passion – yoga – which she’s turned into a business by training as a yoga teacher and setting up a small yoga studio.

So how does she keep on top of her game? Michelle says being realistic about what you want to achieve each day is an important factor: “Some days I need to get 30 things done on my to-do list – it’s all about balancing your priorities and working hard to make things happen.

“I need to be incredibly organised to pull both roles off, and it doesn’t come without sacrifice – I don’t have as much time as I used to for my social life, but I can still be social, I just need to plan ahead of time.”

Stacey, Legal and Compliance Manager

Stacey wears many hats at Appco Australia and in her own holistic kinesiology business (look it up – it’s fascinating).

By day, Stacey is our in-house expert on sector regulations and industry standards. She liaises with the marketing companies we contract and with our key stakeholders to ensure our services are delivered compliantly and meet or exceed industry best practice.

Stacey says the skills she has obtained in her job at Appco Australia and in her business, are interchangeable and mutually beneficial.

Professional networking is a key skill I use in both of my roles. It’s helped me to meet new people and expand my opportunities. I recommend developing this skill to anyone starting out in business – whether that’s setting up their own or working within a company.”

Mel, Business Systems Manager

Project manager, business analyst, system developer, farmer, dog trainer…the list just goes on.

At Appco Australia, Mel’s main responsibility is to develop and implement systems and processes that support our business functions. It’s a big role so we still can’t fathom how she also manages not one but two side businesses.

Mel and her sister run a farm with fresh produce and livestock, as well as a dog-training business. And Mel’s the first to admit that she couldn’t have made both dreams a reality without the flexibility in her day job. Mel says: “Being open and transparent with management has been an important factor in making my business achievable – they have always been really supportive.”

So what advice does Mel have for anyone looking to start their own side gig? “Start out small and see where it goes. Working a day job is a great safety net as it helps you to maintain your current lifestyle and invest in your own business.”

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