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Appco Australia honours International Women’s Day

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

It’s International Women’s Day and here at Appco Australia HQ, we’re honouring the outstanding achievements and contributions women have made to society. In the spirit of the day, we asked some of our staff: “What does International Women’s Day mean to you?”

Mel, Business Systems Manager:

“It’s a day to acknowledge the struggles and accomplishments of women. But, as a feminist, I’d rather be celebrating equality day because, to borrow the words of Gloria Steinem: ‘A feminist is anyone who recognises the equality and full humanity of women and men.’ It would be a much better party if everyone was invited.”

Mariele, Client Account Manager:

“Women play a vital role in society. It’s great that we can have a day which recognises everything we have worked hard for and the amazing things we continue to do.”

Ben, Finance Academy Manager:

“It reminds me of the work that still needs to be done in recognising women and men as equal. It’s also a day to reflect and to remember the women who you see as important in your life and throughout history.”

Annette, Communications Manager:

“Today is all about honouring the courage and strength of women from our past and present, who have and continue to make a positive difference to others.”

Jay, Desktop Publisher:

“I am surrounded by so many strong women in my life, at home and work. Today is all about celebrating those women and remembering the achievements they have made and the struggles they have overcome.”

Hannah, Quality Assurance Officer:

“Today, I’m celebrating women of all backgrounds and careers, especially those who have pioneered in predominately male fields of work.  They remind me to put aside any preconceived ideas of what anyone can do, and that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it.”

Aish, Systems Developer:

“For me, every day is International Women’s Day, but it’s nice to have a day that recognises the efforts women have made for all of us.”  

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