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5 tips to super-charge your day

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Have you ever found yourself drinking coffee just to stay alert or re-doing your to-do list instead of actually doing the tasks on it? Like most businesses, Appco Australia is always looking for ways to become more productive, so we surveyed some of our very own multi-tasking gurus and compiled this list of tricks they use to super-charge their days.

1. Write a to do list

Sounds simple, right? Well, the good news is: it is! Find a time that suits you, remove yourself from general office distractions and think about everything you need to achieve, and then prioritise those tasks. Make this a daily or weekly habit – there really is something quite satisfying about crossing out completed tasks.

2. Listen to music while you work

Yes you read that correctly. Did you know that 90% of professionals perform better when they listen to music? That’s because dopamine is released in your brain, the same chemical which is released when you eat your favourite food – it makes you happy and can help improve focus. So if you’re in a role that allows it, it’s worth plugging in the headphones. Science says so. For more tips on this, read this clever infographic.

3. Set boundaries

Its’s easy to get distracted by an email notification or phone call when you’re trying to concentrate. But a couple of very disciplined Appco Australia staffers swear by the habit of allocating times throughout the day to check and respond to emails and voice messages. It keeps them focused on the task, reduces stress levels and makes them more productive, all at the same time.

4. Work in 90-minute intervals

We’re at risk of sounding a little geeky with this tip, but did you know that everyone has an ultradian rhythm? Our bodies operate in cycles when we’re awake and asleep. When we’re awake, our bodies continue to work in 90-minute cycles, moving from higher to lower alertness throughout the day. When we reach the low end of the cycle, this is our body telling us to take a break, but most of us in the professional world ignore these signs. We’re too busy and often choose alternative ways to lift our energy, like mainlining caffeine or attacking the vending machine, to get us through the slump. So next time your energy levels flatline, how about you get a little geeky and combat it the Ultradian Way: take a moment to get some fresh air or have a power nap.

5. Look after yourself

We have a few health and wellbeing pros in the Appco Australia office – a yoga teacher and a kinesiologist (look it up) to name just two – and we weren’t going to mess with their chi by omitting this one from the list. Our resident health experts tell us that wellbeing starts outside of the office, and being productive requires some balance in both your professional and personal life. So think about how you spend your time and ensure you’re covering all the wellbeing basics: having enough sleep; exercising regularly; eating healthy; keeping hydrated; and managing your stress levels.

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