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Athletics champion proves a hurdle can lead to sweet victory

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

At Appco Australia, we enjoy seeing others succeed; it’s inspiring and a great way to stay motivated in business. So, when we heard about Sally Pearson’s remarkable comeback, winning gold in the 100m hurdle at the 2017 World Athletics Championships in London, we were thrilled.

What makes this victory particularly sweet is Pearson’s journey to success. Before this win, she endured years of injuries which impacted her career. But she didn’t give up on her passion and she’s since reclaimed her world championship title.

This is a satisfying moment for Pearson, saying: “Every single emotion that you can hold in your body just came out when I crossed that finish line. It wasn’t surprise, it wasn’t shock, I was just proud, so proud of what I had done to get here.”

So, what can people in business learn from Pearson’s success story? Achieving your goals isn’t always straightforward and there can be some adversity along the way. Like Pearson, it’s important to work around the obstacles presented, stay focussed, be persistent and work hard. These experiences pave the way to successful outcomes, whether that’s on the track or in business.

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