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Appco In Focus: Our technical expert discusses her role and reveals a secret talent

We employ a whole host of people to support our company and deliver the direct marketing campaigns we create for our clients, and we’re incredibly proud of the work they do for our business. In this edition of Appco in Focus we get to know Systems Developer Laks Aiyer. She’s been with the company for over 8 years, but she still managed to surprise us with a few hidden talents…

In a nut-shell, describe your role at Appco Australia.

I work with a team of developers to maintain and implement new technology which ensures our business runs smoothly, efficiently and securely. I enjoy the variety of tasks I do – from automating systems and processes for our clients’ direct marketing campaigns to improving systems that support our operations.

What’s one of the recent projects you’ve worked on?

One client wanted to create a system that would capture product stock levels from different databases. This was a very complicated task and a challenge for me, but with a little research I managed to pull it off and our client was really impressed.

How have previous jobs helped you in your current role?

I learnt to prioritise in an administration role and this has really helped me manage all the different tasks I do here at Appco Australia. Time-management is a major factor for me; if I don’t prioritise correctly, it can affect the projects I am working on and, ultimately, how the business operates.

How do you start your day at work?

With a little caffeine – tea or coffee depending on how I feel. I then check my emails to see if there is anything critical I need to do first. Every day is different, I work on multiple projects, so I normally continue from where I left off the night before.

What does work-life balance mean for you?

It means a lot. You should be able to enjoy work as much as you enjoy your home life. I love working here; my team is supportive and encouraging and so is management. I never feel stressed when I walk out the door.

What's something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

I have a degree in microbiology and a postgraduate degree in computing. I have always been interested in medicine, but I had a change of heart about my career path after completing my degree. That’s when I decided to study computing.   

Learning never stops regardless of your experience – how do you continue to develop?

Every single day I learn something new. I enjoy solving problems and I like to figure things out for myself. I often hop onto Google and read about something I need help with. I can always ask my colleagues, but it’s more satisfying when I learn for myself.

Have you got any secret talents?

Yes, I do. Back in the day, I learnt Indian classical music. I used to perform in India before the kids came along, but today it’s more of a hobby and I sing at community events. I also like to practice and every now and then I have a lesson with my tutor.

If you had to be locked in a building overnight, which one would it be?

The Burj Khalifa – it’s a mega-skyscraper in Dubai. I would be happy sitting in the viewing gallery taking in the incredible views from up so high.

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