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Appco helps Zane Conroy take first steps in five years

Zane Conroy takes his first steps in fives years

Thanks to donations raised by Appco Group, Zane Conroy was able to stand on his own two feet again after being confined to a wheelchair for five years.

Zane, who was left paralysed after a freak diving accident in 2010, was able to take his first steps using an exoskeleton device, which costs AUS$95 an hour to use.

Donations from Appco Group have helped to fund Zane’s sessions to use the exoskeleton device.

In 2014, Appco Group sponsored a 4,000km Coast 2 Coast 2014 charity cycle, which took place in Australia to raise money for Zane’s care and medical costs.

Zane described the moment when his dream of walking again became a reality.

“I could feel the amazing thrill of weight going through my hips and my knees and my ankles,” he said in an exclusive interview for the Australian Daily Telegraph. “For me to take steps with the machine five years after the event is like a dream come true.”

Appco Group UK Senior Call Centre Manager Glendon Evarts is a close friend of Zane’s and has played a lead role in promoting the fundraising for him.

Glendon said: “Zane’s exoskeleton sessions have proven to be better than any physiotherapy sessions he has received in the last five years. Put aside it’s the first time he has walked since his accident.

“The whole situation is amazing, and it’s all thanks to Appco and the support provided for the Coast 2 Coast fundraiser. This literally would not have happened without Appco.”

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