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Appco Group provides regional reach for its clients

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, Appco Group Australia has been successful in providing its clients with the opportunity to access customers and donors who may otherwise prove out of reach.

Through an extensive network of associated marketing companies, Appco Australia is able to provide its clients with a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy that increases their national reach and exposure – even in otherwise hard-to-reach locations.

In the past two months, much of regional Australia has been visited by groups of skilled and enthusiastic sales professionals – all of whom are contracted to marketing companies sub-contracted by Appco Group – who have each held hundreds of one-on-one conversations with residents and businesses in these regions on behalf of Appco’s valued clients.

We talked to some of the contractors who had recently returned from Mildura, 540km northwest of Melbourne, where they had spent the week representing one of Appco Group’s not-for-profit clients with the aim of increasing their supporter base in the region.

Asked about how well the client and campaign was received in Mildura, one contractor replied: “It was a great opportunity to act as an ambassador for a charity and cause that I’m passionate about. It was amazing to find that there are so many people in regional Victoria who genuinely wanted to support the cause.”

Another contractor added: “The support we received was totally unexpected. Of course, not all the people we spoke to were able to contribute directly during the week. But everyone was really encouraging about the campaign and it was great to have that support for what we were doing.”

While 90% of the Australian population live in urban regions, the opportunity to tap into the regional 10% has not been missed by Appco Group, which provides its clients with an enviable reach into The Outback!

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