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Appco Australia’s Commercial GM discusses why professional relationships are a core part of his role

In this blog, Appco Australia’s Commercial General Manager Vaughan Patterson discusses how he works closely with our commercial clients to create personalised direct marketing campaigns.

Early in my career, one of the most significant things I learnt about business was the importance of developing meaningful and lasting professional relationships – it’s fundamental to successful outcomes.

This piece of wisdom has stuck with me throughout my career, and has proven to be valuable in my current role, which focusses heavily on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.

How we support and partner with your business

A big part of my role is to collaborate with clients to understand how their business operates and what they want to achieve from their marketing efforts – this is essential as it forms the framework of a campaign.

Whether it’s a start-up company looking to grow or an established brand, every client is unique, and so too is each direct marketing strategy. Every campaign is tailored to the clients’ specific needs, designed to acquire long-term customers and generate brand awareness.

I work closely with our clients, a team of dedicated internal experts, and the marketing companies Appco Australia sub-contracts to supply specialised resources for our clients’ campaigns. Once a campaign has been designed, tested and is live, the Appco Australia team monitors, analyses and continually adapts it to make sure we get the best results for them.

Why we’re different

It’s crucial that we know our clients’ businesses inside-out, but it’s equally important that they understand how our business operates, our company culture and the values we have. We encourage our clients to visit us at our office – it’s an opportunity to get to know us better, spend time with different team members and explore all the ways we can support them.

In my experience, it’s essential that every partnership is the ‘right fit’ for all. When there is mutual understanding between us and our clients we have the perfect foundation for long-term professional relationships that deliver great results.

I wholeheartedly believe that developing meaningful connections is the key to success in our business and this really is Appco Australia’s point of difference – we partner with our clients to provide real value for them.

If you would like to learn more about Appco Australia watch our latest video that explains what we do, or check out our Facebook page.

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