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5 ways charities can communicate more powerfully

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

It’s vital for charities to communicate their visions, explain their programs and highlight the impact they have, to inspire the support they need from donors.

This is no easy task, not least because charities have limited resources and huge remits, and it’s something Appco Australia helps our clients achieve through personalised face-to-face conversations. ­

Recently, we discovered this article by Joe Garecht, a non-profit consultant, in which he highlights how important it is for charities to communicate effectively. We think it echoes our philosophies and approach when we work with our charity clients to tell their stories.

Garecht says donors and prospects are searching for meaning and want to get involved in something bigger than themselves, and that the best way to communicate is through their hearts and minds.

In his article, he gives five tips not-for-profits can follow when looking for ways to tell their story:

  1. Capture the attention of donors and volunteers by bringing your story to life

  2. Appeal to core human values, helping donors understand the big picture  

  3. Use real examples such as stories and positive outcomes, to provide potential donors an understanding of the work you do and the achievements you’ve made

  4. Build better donor relationships, making your fundraising a two-way conversation

  5. Be proud to fundraise - never hide the fact, as this hurts relationship building efforts

Read the full article.

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