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4 reasons why businesses choose face-to-face marketing

Aussie companies choose to add face-to-face marketing to the mix!

If you’re in business, then you already know the positive impact marketing can have on a brand – it’s an essential function that can help you reach your audience and grow your customer base (using the right communication channels of course). At Appco Australia, this is something we know a thing or two about – we have over 30 years of experience helping our clients develop their brands and causes using direct marketing.

So why do companies choose face-to-face marketing to communicate their messages? Our Client Account Manager Danielle Orlando tells us some of the reasons why Appco Australia’s clients include this method in their mix:

1. Aligns with your goals

Whether it’s developing brand awareness, acquiring more customers or donors or promoting new products or services, direct marketing is designed to align with a business’s objectives. We work closely with our clients early on to establish exactly what their goals are and to discuss other marketing activities they may have implemented. Our team then design a campaign that complements their marketing efforts and helps them reach their aspirations.

2. Just like your business it’s scalable

Like other businesses, there are some components we need to outsource. Appco Australia sub-contracts specialised marketing companies to deliver this element of the campaigns we create, giving our clients flexibility and choice in the scale of their campaigns.

3. Personalised and tailored conversations

Direct marketing is all about real conversations with real people. The sales contractors who represent our clients’ brands are incredibly knowledgeable about the products, services or causes they’re representing. Every interaction with a potential customer is crafted for that individual, allowing our clients’ messages to be heard loud and clear.

4. Targets specific geographies

If your company is looking to target people within certain areas of Australia, face-to-face marketing is ideal! From local area marketing (which focuses on a particular location with a specific message) to residential door-to-door and kiosk sites, Appco Australia can design and develop a campaign tailored to specific regions and channels.

So, if your business is looking for the perfect reason to include direct marketing in your mix, contact the team at Appco Australia today to explore if it’s right for your brand.

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