The class action against Appco Australia has generated a considerable amount of media coverage and has raised a lot of questions so we have created a dedicated section to present information about the case in a clear and accurate way.


As Appco Australia is the defendant in this class action, and the matter is still before the courts, we are not in the same position in terms of engaging with the media as the plaintiffs may be. However, we have responded to every separate media enquiry – and will continue to do so – and presented the information we can make publicly available in regular media statements.  


This information has not always been reflected in the media coverage of this matter, so we hope you take the time to read through this section and gain a clearer picture of both sides of the story.

In the video on this page, Appco Group Australia CEO Perveen Virdee responds to some of the key questions about the class action against Appco Group Australia. The video may take a few moments to load.

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