Appco Group Prosales is the original division of the Cobra Group of Companies.

Appco Group Prosales offers consumers the opportunity to purchase an exclusive range of products through various forms of face-to-face marketing.

The product ranges that we carry benefit from our personalised service and retail demonstration model, allowing consumers to view and trial how a product works before purchasing it. Our Prosales products:

FW1 waterless cleaning wax

FW1 was introduced in Australia in March 2006, with New Zealand following soon after.

Appco Group Prosales provides retail demonstrations of the product at petrol stations and shopping centres, showing potential customers how to clean, wax and polish their car, motorbike or truck with no water and in less than 30 minutes.

FW1 is exclusively sold at demonstration sites and through a retail demonstration. In this way, we can educate consumers on how to save water by using our product and, ultimately, drive traffic back to our site partners every week for future purchases.

Today, we conduct FW1 demonstrations at more than 25 sites per week, sell more than 800,000 units of merchandise each year, and help to save more than 51 million litres of water in the Australian and New Zealand markets every year.

In 2008, FW1 was awarded the Smart Watermark and became an approved water-saving device. In 2010, respected business publication Business Review Weekly in Australia (BRW), awarded FW1 20th place on the 'Fast Starters' list.

The Beauty Group

In January 2008, Appco Group Prosales launched The Beauty Group. The division features a range of cosmetics, skincare and accessories, through our face-to-face marketing and retail demonstration model, at some of Australia’s leading shopping centres.

The current brand range consists of:
•    Jericho Dead Sea mineral-based skincare and beauty range, which is designed to ensure healthy, radiant skin
•    Laurelle Parfums, which offers a contemporary range of fine fragrances for men and women.

Appco Group Prosales is now exploring the European and Asia Pacific markets, with a strong focus on the FW1 brand and its potential for growth in the regions that are affected by water shortages.