Demetrius Adgemis

Demetrius Adgemis

Head of Business Support, Appco Group Australia

With 25 years of field marketing experience, Demetrius has a wealth of knowledge of our business as well as the specific requirements of our outsourced marketing specialists.

As Head of Business Support, Dim and his team provide essential product and compliance training to ensure the marketing companies we sub-contract can represent our clients in the best-possible way. They also offer strategies, frameworks, tools and mentoring to help our sub-contracted marketing companies achieve their business goals and objectives.

Dim’s career with Appco Australia has spanned everything from training, HR, recruitment and operations, to account and general management, and business development.

He believes the most satisfying aspect of being a part of the Appco Australia team is the opportunity to work in a positive, high-performance environment with amazing people who are empowered to fulfil their potential!