David Legudi

David Legudi

Managing Director, Appco Group Sports

David started with Appco Group in 1990 and, after working with the company for only a short while, he became a Marketing Company owner at the age of eighteen. He expanded his company and opened offices in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

In 2000, David approached Appco Group Chairman and Founder Chris Niarchos with a new concept for the Appco Group: the Sports division. Chris saw the potential in this new venture and formed Appco Group Sports, which was launched in Melbourne at the start of the Australian Rules Football 2000 season, with David heading up the division's operations.

Appco Group Sports now supplies product to Marketing Companies across Australia, and has also successfully expanded to New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

David is dedicated to sourcing new clients for the division. He is also responsible for making the initial contact with sporting organisations, negotiating the agreements, and signing off all new contracts.

In 2011, he developed and launched an innovative VIP membership and voucher programme throughout Australia, which proved to be very successful.

He is currently working on further expanding the Sports division internationally.