“WOW! I want to take a moment to acknowledge how impressed I am.”

Appco Australia’s call centre team makes quality-assurance and verification calls to customers and donors  to thank them for their purchase or pledge and to check that they’re 100 percent happy with the sign-up process.

From these conversations, we often receive feedback from people about their experiences with the brand ambassadors contracted to represent our clients’ brands. Here are some of the most recent comments…

Donor Michael commented on the outstanding service delivered by independent contractor Scott: “WOW! I want to take a moment to acknowledge how impressed I am. From the amazing guy who shared what the foundation does to quickly actioning my request for an address change, this shows me that you have the processes, people and passion to make a difference.”

Robyn was really impressed with fundraiser Chloe:“She is a sincere, empathetic and gracious young woman. Training alone could not have instilled those values in her. Well done to the foundation for recruiting her.”

“He was the nicest fundraiser I have ever spoken to, he was just phenomenal,” said Daria, a very happy donor who was impressed with contracted brand ambassador Ben.

And donor Rebecca said:” Both Anton and the contractor he was working with were very respectful, lovely guys. I saw them later on in the day after making the donation and they both shook my hand and remembered my name – I really appreciated it.”

Fundraisers are expected give everyone a positive experience, whether they decide to donate or not. Yvonne was so impressed by her interaction with a fundraiser, she called us with her feedback: “A lovely young woman named Kathleen just knocked on my door. An absolute standout of a fundraiser and we have had quite a few over the years, she was extremely well-informed, well-spoken, understanding and, most importantly, she made me smile.”

If you would like to learn more about Appco Australia watch our video that explains what we do, or check out our Facebook page.

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