Let the games begin

November 22, 2011

Appco Group Australia's exceptional teamwork and commitment will now be put to the test at the 2011 Australian Corporate Games.

The Australian Corporate Games, held annually in Melbourne, aim is to promote team spirit, unity and workplace pride in a fun atmosphere.

The games attract 10,000 participants from 300 organisations. The program, to be held on November 25 to 27, includes 20 team and individual sports and allows athletes of all abilities the opportunity to compete. Last year Appco Group Australia's team played three games in the soccer tournament.

Despite the results being one draw and two losses, the Appco team loved every minute and put their business team skills to good use in the games.

Marketing company manager Ben Lyon, who is part of the Appco Group network, believes involvement in the corporate games offers great benefits to Appco Group.

"Communication is a big aspect of team sports and an essential part of what we do every day. Last year we used the skills we learnt from the field to bond as a team and build solid relationships with people from other marketing companies within the Appco Group network," said Mr Lyon.

Appco Group Sports Division Product Owner and Jam Prospects Marketing Company Owner Anthony Tarquini, encourages all associated Appco Group team members to get involved this year. "Participating in the Corporate Games is a great way to network and team build. The level of commitment and co-operation shown by our competitors last year gave everyone a great feeling of team spirit," he said.

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