FW1 leading water conservation bid

October 21, 2011

Appco Group Prosales brand FW1, a waterless car cleaning wax, was recently invited to attend the Smart WaterMark Forum at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney to discuss the future of water conservation in Australia.

CEO of Smart WaterMark Julien Gray provided an in-depth background into the current climate towards water conservation in Australia, and the goals of the future that include promoting products that are water-saving, helping to understand water conservation, and providing innovative solutions to some of the issues that face Australians in regards to water.

FW1 is one of roughly 250 products that have been approved by Smart WaterMark to meet the fundamentals of water conservation, out of more than 600 product applications seeking an approval rating.

According to a recent study compiled by Living LOHAS, one of the No.1 issues according to Australian communities remains the impact of water shortages.

The challenge for the future is to roll-out the idea of water conservation to a national level, as water conservation is presently a cyclical issue in Australian society, meaning Australians are only temporarily concerned with water issues as they arise, such as a drought.

With Australians on average wasting over 10,000 litres of water per year to wash their car, FW1 is a proven choice and testament to water conservation for the future.

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