Decision-making model praised

September 6, 2011

Appco Group Prosales has been commended on it's strategic decision making process by BRW - Australia's leading business magazine.

The article, published in August, focused on "strength in diversity" suggested company boards and advisers make room for a mix of views when it comes to strategic decisions. It used Appco Group Prosales, which sells consumer products through businesses and onsite at events, as an example of such diversity - it has both a board and an advisory committee.

"The Appco advisory committee meets three times a year (every 16 weeks). That group includes the executive management team and an external consultant," the article said.

"For young companies on the growth path, [Appco Group Prosales co-founder Ty] Pederson suggests identifying something in your business you really struggle with - in our case it was retail - try to identify your weakness and then find someone who has strengths in those areas."

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