Brisbane Broncos get Appco help

December 2, 2011

Appco Group Sports Australia has been praised for its efforts in raising vital funds for the Brisbane Broncos Charities Fund (BBCF).

In 2011, Appco Group Sports Australia generated $95,000 for the BBCF at 14 Broncos ruby league home games.The BBCF provides encouragement, assistance and financial support for the underprivileged and disadvantaged youth of Queensland in Australia.

"I would like to thank Appco staff for their efforts this season and for their professional manner. Charities that benefited from the funds raised by the Appco Group include the AEIOU Foundation, Bravehearts and the Starlight Foundation," said Brisbane Broncos Community Service Manager Jessica West. Since 1990, the BBCF has donated $800,000 to recognised youth charities.

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