BLOG: Why business relationships and success go hand-in-hand

Success in business is determined by many factors, but we think this element is absolutely crucial in ensuring your business thrives: long-lasting professional relationships.

Our company is built on the connections we’ve forged with others. For 30 years we have worked closely with our clients and their customers, suppliers and industry bodies to ensure our services meet every stakeholder’s requirements. Here, we discuss our approach to developing strong and effective business relationships.

Key elements for success

We’re the first to admit that establishing long-term business relationships isn’t easy – it takes effort and commitment by both parties to develop mutual knowledge and understanding – both vital components of successful business partnerships.

Appco Australia has a team of experts who work closely with our clients to understand how their businesses operate and exactly what they want to achieve from their marketing campaign.

Commercial General Manager Vaughan Patterson’s recently discussed his approach to cultivating good relationships : “It’s crucial that we know our clients’ businesses inside-out, but it’s equally important that they understand how our business operates, our company culture and the values we have.

“We encourage our clients to visit us at our office – it’s an opportunity to get to know us better, spend time with different team members and explore all the ways we can support them.”

Create a win-win situation  

It’s one of the unwritten rules of professional networking: it’s not all about you. The best relationships prosper because there’s mutual success. Obviously, it’s important in any relationship to understand the needs of the other party and collaborate on ways you can support each other. This is also particularly important when networking – whether it’s working towards a specific goal or providing a solution to a problem, think about what your business can contribute to the situation.

For us, it’s not just about making sure our clients get maximum value from their acquisition campaign. From enhancing their marketing collateral and making quality-assurance calls to connecting our clients with our industry contacts, we also go above and beyond to ensure our clients benefit from the full range of our expertise and derive long-term success from their partnership with us.

At Appco Australia, we value our professional partnerships and we understand they must be the ‘right fit’ for all. When there’s a joint understanding between us and our clients we have the perfect foundation for mutual success.

If you would like to learn more about Appco Australia watch our latest video that explains what we do or check out our Facebook page.

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