BLOG: What can a six-year-old teach you about marketing?

We recently came across the story of six-year-old YouTube sensation, Ryan who hosts his own channel, ToysReview. According to Forbes’ The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars 2017 list, the young influencer has generated over $11 million this year. Clearly, he has a winning formula we can all learn from. We've identified some of the techniques he uses and how your business can incorporate them into your strategy to get maximum brand awareness.

Who are your fans?

It’s one of the 101s of marketing, but it can be overlooked. Knowing who your audience is, their preferences, and how to reach them are the cornerstones of any marketing strategy. And, although Ryan may only be six, he certainly seems to understand who his 10,224,791 fans are.

No matter if your customers are children under 10, women over 30, or seniors, pinpointing your audience will strengthen all aspects of your marketing plan, including the messages and content you create, and the avenues you use.

At Appco Australia, we work one-on-one with our clients to understand their customers and donors. We then tailor and create a marketing campaign to suit their business and the audiences they want to attract.

Maximise your channels

One reason Ryan's channel has been a big hit is he knows his audience visit Kids YouTube, the perfect platform to host video content. His videos are highly engaging because he knows what his fans want to see. In fact, a vlog of him simply opening a giant toy egg went viral – he had over 800 million views.

Videos are quickly becoming the preferred way for audiences to receive the information they want, and one outstanding feature is the ability to share content instantly across various platforms (think Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram). When selecting mediums to promote your business’s message, make sure you think about your audience and the channels they will most likely use.

Be passionate about what you do

For a little guy, Ryan has a big personality and it shines through in the vlogs he publishes for his audience. You just need to watch one of his videos to see how he's genuinely excited about the toys he's reviewing. His sheer enthusiasm brings products to life and this is just another reason he's so successful.

Brand personality plays a big part in communicating with your customers. Whether your business's personality is friendly and fun, or serious and logical, identifying who your company is will help your customers relate to and identify with the products and services you're offering.

At Appco Australia, we have a team of experts who collaborate with our clients to deliver tailored direct marketing services. We’re passionate about what we do and have been working with our clients to increase their customer and donor bases for over 30 years.


Image sourced from ToysReview.

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