Blog: Taking more control of your career

Rather than waiting for things to happen around them, successful business people take more control of their careers. Greig Ward, Appco Group Australia’s Learning and Development Manager explains how this success can be achieved.

Individuals who achieve their desired level of career success are typically those who take greater ownership and control of the direction their career is heading.  

Here are five factors to focus on, allowing you to take greater control of your career.

1. Make a plan

As obvious as it sounds, it’s essential that you decide where you want to go, then make a plan to get there. For some people, this is a long-term plan (5+ years) and for others it’s much shorter (6-12 months). The key factor is that you have a plan with an end-goal in mind.  

2. Find a mentor

Seek out someone who has more experience than you and who has taken a similar path as you are planning. This person can guide you and help you get the necessary exposure and experiences that are required to be successful. A mentor is also someone who can give honest feedback and who you can trust. Consider different mentor’s for different elements of your life; Career, Finance, Health, etc.

3. Build strong relationships

Building professional relationships and developing a broad professional network can only enhance your understanding and reputation within your selected field/profession. (Note: You should be aiming to ‘share’ as much as you ‘receive’).

4. Determine what skills you need to succeed

You need a good understanding of the skills (both technical and people skills) and experience required to reach your career objective. Ideally, your mentors can help you with this. Then, determine what training, exposure, or other projects you may need to get the required development.  

5. Stand out from the crowd

Having full control of your career success means you get ahead at the rate which you want to. To do this you’ll need to perform beyond the expectations of others. You need to demonstrate your willingness to take the difficult - and sometimes unwanted – tasks and projects.   

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