Appco supports clearer processes for Australian entrepreneurs

Appco Australia has called on the government and regulatory agencies to make processes easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Demetrius Adgemis, Appco Australia’s Head of Sales Support, was recently invited to take part in a panel discussing the topic of ‘Employee or Contractor’ at a Council of Small Business Australia summit in Brisbane.

Speaking to more than 100 delegates, including government ministers and the heads of Australian regulatory bodies, Demetrius outlined a number of issues facing small business owners and offered solutions for how they could be overcome.

Demetrius started his career in sales in 1990 as an independent contractor, went on to open his own company, and now works closely with 70 independent marketing companies within Appco’s network, so he is extremely familiar with the challenges self-employed workers face.

He said taking part in the summit was an important opportunity for Appco to raise awareness of those problems.

“As an advocate for independent marketing companies, Appco is interested in ensuring that Australia’s public policy environment enables small business and independent contractors to thrive and that their rights are appropriately protected,” he said.

“Independent contractors are a critical part of our economy and support a balanced regulatory landscape that encourages and supports individuals to take up business for themselves.”

Among the issues Demetrius spoke about was the need for better alignment of regulatory bodies when addressing the definition of self-employment – an issue that has caused consistent problems for small businesses.

“A number of industry members gave me positive feedback and agreed with the points raised,” Demetrius said.

“The Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Business Register also reached out and welcomed further discussions on the issues.”

The COSBOA summit attended by Demetrius Adgemis is a yearly event that brings together small business people, business and policy experts and key decision makers to discuss the issues that small businesses face today.

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