Appco helps Australians save millions of litres of water

Australians have saved over 350 million litres of water, thanks to Appco Group Australia’s FW1 waterless car wash and wax products.

In a country where every drop counts, Australians typically use 200-300 buckets of water a year washing their cars. However, a single can of FW1 cleans four medium-sized cars without the need for any water at all.

As a result, the FW1 range has saved the equivalent of 140 Olympic-sized swimming pools (that’s 350,000,000 million litres, or 35,000,000 10-litre buckets) of water since Appco launched it in 2006.

Independent contractors across Appco’s network of affiliated marketing companies demonstrate how the product cleans, waxes and polishes use customers’ vehicles at a variety of sites, including petrol stations, shopping centres and special events.

For more information, demonstration locations and contacts visit the website.     



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