Appco Australia staff inspired to walk for charity

Staff members from Appco Australia’s charities division, Appco Group Support, are taking their work home with them – committing to walk 100km to fundraise for Oxfam.

Call centre manager Trevor Hailstones, operations manager Paul Diwaker, and senior campaign administrator Danielle Orlando, along with Appco receptionist / sales support administrator Amy Thonton, will put their fitness to the test when they take part in the Oxfam Trailwalker event in Sydney from August 19-21.

Trevor says engaging with a vairiety of Appco charity partners and seeing the the impact of that work was a big motivator in their decision to do the walk.

“Paul, Danielle and I all work in the charities division, so we understand how much charities depend on raising awareness, and that definitely inspired us,” Trevor said.

“We deal with numerous charities every day, and while Oxfam isn’t currently one that Appco Australia works with, we still recognise it as an amazing charity.

Appco is also supporting the group's efforts, contributing $1,000 towards its $5,000 goal for the walk, which the quartet is hoping to complete in under 28 hours.

“Walking this distance, through the night and with minimal rest stops, appealed to us as a really difficult physical and mental challenge,” Trevor said.

“Our training is coming along well and, while none of us are athletes – particularly me – we all have various degrees of fitness. From Paul and Amy who are fitness freaks, to Danielle, who makes the occasional appearance at the gym, and me, who has been working hard to get in shape for this.”

Next on the training agenda is a 40km walk, which is the longest for the team so far.

“There will probably be a couple of horror stories to share after that one!”

If you want to support the team, donations can be made at:

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