Appco Group Australia is...

part of the world’s largest direct sales and marketing agency, and the recognised industry leader in Australia. Over the last 25 years, we have helped a wide range of businesses across many industries achieve significant business growth, playing a pivotal role in shaping Appco Group's global development and success.

Industry expertise

  • Energy


    Cutting consumers' energy bills for over 15 years

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  • Fundraising


    $800m+ in donations raised since 2007

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  • Home efficiency

    Home efficiency

    Eco-friendly options for better energy use

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  • Prosales


    Marketing high-quality consumer products

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  • Sports lotteries

    Sports lotteries

    Revenue for sporting and not-for-profit organisations

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Latest news

  • MEDIA RELEASE: Fair Work Ombudsman 2016 ruling does not involve Appco Australia


    The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) letter mentioned on the ABC's 730 Report last night reiterates a ruling made in April 2016. It is not a more recent or new ruling, it does not involve Appco Group Australia, nor does it make any findings against Appco Group Australia.

  • MEDIA RELEASE: Appco Australia does not tolerate offensive games & disputes series of factual errors in ABC 730 Report


    Appco Group Australia will terminate its contract with any marketing company that promotes or tolerates offensive or inappropriate activities, but is disappointed by series of factual errors in the ABC’s 730 Report.

  • MEDIA RELEASE: “Absolutely incorrect” to suggest Appco would condone the behaviour reported by the ABC


    It is absolutely incorrect to suggest that Appco allowed or condoned the obscene behaviour described by the ABC last weekend, said Appco Group Australia Chief Executive Officer Martin Gaffney.

  • Appco class action is “flimsy” and “lacks foundation”


    The class action initiated by a Canberra law firm against Appco Group Australia does not include, or seek any compensation for, bullying and harassment. However, Appco Group Australia is continuing to treat these reports extremely seriously.