a marketing consultant to our clients, helping them to promote their products, services and charitable causes. Appco Australia has been in operation since 1988, providing Australian businesses and charities with a high-quality direct sales and fundraising service that increases awareness and support of their brands and helps them to grow.

Industry expertise

  • Energy


    Cutting consumers' energy bills for over 15 years

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  • Fundraising


    Providing charities with long-term donors 

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  • Home efficiency

    Home efficiency

    Eco-friendly options for better energy use

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  • Prosales


    Marketing high-quality consumer products

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  • Sports lotteries

    Sports lotteries

    Revenue for sporting and not-for-profit organisations

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Latest news

  • BLOG: Is face-to-face marketing right for your business?


    At Appco Australia, we believe in the power of conversation – for over 30 years we’ve successfully helped our clients increase their customer and donor bases through face-to-face marketing. If your business is thinking about adding direct marketing to its mix, we’re sharing our pearls of wisdom with you so you can decide if it’s right for your brand.

  • Q&A: Appco Australia staff share career advice with their younger selves


    Even the most successful leaders and celebs had to start somewhere in their careers – Meghan Markle is a great example. Long before she was an actress in Suits and the Duchess of Sussex, she was a professional calligrapher!

  • BLOG: Our Head of Business Support shares his wisdom with budding entrepreneurs


    In this blog, Appco Australia’s Head of Business Support Demetrius Adgemis shares business advice with budding entrepreneurs.