a marketing consultant to our clients, helping them to promote their products, services and charitable causes. Appco Australia has been in operation since 1988, providing Australian businesses and charities with a high-quality direct sales and fundraising service that increases awareness and support of their brands and helps them to grow.

Industry expertise

  • Energy


    Cutting consumers' energy bills for over 15 years

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  • Fundraising


    Providing charities with long-term donors 

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  • Home efficiency

    Home efficiency

    Eco-friendly options for better energy use

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  • Prosales


    Marketing high-quality consumer products

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  • Sports lotteries

    Sports lotteries

    Revenue for sporting and not-for-profit organisations

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Latest news

  • Appco in Focus: our General Manager discusses her daredevil-side and how it's helped progress her career


    Appco Australia’s General Manager Michelle Thomas oversees the Pro-Sales and Sports divisions – her role is integral to the delivery of our clients’ direct marketing campaigns. And, although she’s been with the company for almost 8 years, somehow, she’s managed to surprise us – yes, she’s a self-confessed daredevil and says skydiving and bungee jumping have helped her career progression!

  • BLOG: Independent Contractor Bonnie discusses what it’s like to be a brand ambassador


    Recently, we received this positive feedback from a donor, Mark, praising the work of a fundraiser he spoke to: “I had the most amazing experience with Bonnie. She had a great attitude, was a good communicator and I felt like I had known her for years.”

  • BLOG: 3 marketing techniques big-brands use to boost awareness


    You probably haven’t noticed, but successful companies like Coca-Cola, Kleenex, and Netflix have done a great job at getting us to adopt their brand names to describe everyday products and services, in a hope that we will remember and later purchase.